mcr S-THERM smoke vents

Following the changes in the construction market, Mercor is extending the offer of thesmoke exhaust vents family with further products which are characterised by an increased thermal insulation and at the same time have a modular structure. mcr S-THERM are innovative smoke vents and skylights that will comply with current and future thermal parameter requirements. The main design assumption of this product was above all to eliminate thermal bridges. By removing them, we have created a product witha very advantageous heat transfer coefficient, which is an extremely important parameter in the modern construction industry.

FORM - Various types of bases, leaf-fillings and controls to meet specific designer and user requirements.

FUNCTION - Smoke vent, ventilation vent, skylight, roof access hatch.

WARMTH - Excellent thermal performance no thermal bridges. Meets all future Urc heat transfer requirements.

QUALITY - Exceptional durability with innovative PVC profiles. Guaranteed water tightness with multi-level gasket system.

MODULAR DESIGN - Flexible lead times. Easy installation and mounting

AESTHETICS - High quality plastics and aluminium. Product colour range compatible with other building finishes.

Declaration of constancy of performance acc. to EN 12101-2.

- height: 20 cm - 70 cm,

- type: straight, skew.


- multi-chamber polycarbonate,

- domes: acrylic or solid polycarbonate,

- sandwich panel,

- multivariable single and multi-layered filling.

Control system
- smoke exhaust: electric (24V- / 48V-), pneumatic,

- ventilation: electric (230V~), pneumatic,

- mechanic (gas springs).


- squared: 100 x 100 cm ÷ 180 x 180 cm,

- rectangular: 150 x 150 cm ÷ 190 x 260 cm.

  • Production halls and warehouses
  • Logistics centers
  • Public buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Residential buildings

The research carried out on the basis of the current standards confirmed a uniform shape of the isotherms for the profiles of the mcr S-THERM product family.
With such energy efficiency of the components, we can offer vents and skylights without thermal bridges. The dew point isotherm 5.5 °C extends entirely within the structure of the vent.