• Pneumatic actuator is used for opening leaf wings for ventilation and/or smoke exhausting function

  • Alarm boxes are devices used for remote alarm opening of flaps through the energy of compressed CO2 contained in the cartridge integrated in the box.

  • Ventilation boxes are used for remote controlling of flap opening and shutting actuators for the purpose of ventilating spaces. The boxes contain valves controlling the opening and shutting of flaps, and an air preparation system.

  • mcr 9705 smoke exhausting control unit is used to activate devices of MERCOR electric desmoking system based on alarm signal from thermal or optical smoke sensors, from manual fire alarming devices (red call point buttons), or from another control unit (e.g. fire alarm system, building automatics system). The control unit is supplied from 230 V alternating current and feeds 24V= voltage to electric desmoking system devices. Thanks to its batteries, the control unit is not exposed to power shortage, and may stand-by for 72 hours from power failure, with a single toggling of devices possible after that time (e.g. opening smoke vent flaps).