Inspections and repairs

The technical condition of fire protection devices installed in the building has crucial importance for ensuring the safety of building operators.

Reliable functioning of these devices may only be ensured by regular and professional service care. Regular service inspections and maintenance are the most important element of operating Mercor SA equipment.

Performing service works in accordance with the guidelines of "MERCOR" S.A., i.e. in specific frequency and by producer or authorized personnel, is one of the basic conditions for maintaining warranty rights, and an obligation of building operators/owners; it is required both by the manufacturer and by law.


SERVICE BOOK is a document drawn up specially for MCR Service clients.

The book contains useful information concerning "MERCOR" S.A. equipment installed within the building, including principle of operation and guidelines for using the system.

List of service inspections is an integral part of the document. Contact MCR Service advisor to procure our service book.

Within our services we ensure flexibility, good contact, timely order processing, high quality of services and professional support.

We leave at the Clients disposal our highly qualified specialist team: technical advisors as well as mobile service teams operating in different parts of the country.